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My Favorite iOS App

Yep. That simple.

Japanese font...

Used font when showing email written in Japanese is Chinese font... it might look similar for non native but there are significant differences. Please use correct font.

The best email app after trying 10 others!!!

This app has it all and top notch support!

Doesnt fulfill all promises

An app youd love to love, but it over promises. Tried to migrate to it, but could not import Mbox format as it said it could. Offers only a crazy work-around that forces an archaeology tour of your files.

Not working properly!

It was working but now it always crashs! Ask the support team they even not answer me!


So glad I wised up and looked elsewhere for email apps. Airmail has changed my life! I am no longer in email purgatory! If you are debating - stop debating and get airmail. Service is quick and efficient as well. Sarah just helped me with a question and of course Sarah and AirMail had an answer that worked fantastically! thank you AirMail and thank you Sarah!

I am done with Airmail

This app started as one of the best email clients out there. Fore some reason, it has become so buggy, slow and practically unusable that it makes no sense for me to keep it installed on my phone. One of the most annoyng things is the lag when scrolling messages. Such a basic function implemented so poorly.

Lots of potential. Very buggy right now.

This app has a lot of potential. It is basically a more powerful version of mailbox, but it keeps the same simple user interface. If the bugs can get fixed quickly it will be great. When it works its great. But the badge count isnt reliable. And it will distort the orientation of a lot of emails on mobile devices. To the point that you cant even scroll to see all of your message. Thats pretty much a deal breaker with the current app.

Phone App Top Notch! Not So Much for the Watch!

The best email app for iOS. It has full desktop-level capabilities, but is still agile and easily managed on the small screen of the iPhone. Settings and accounts sync across devices (indluding the desktop macOS) without effort, and it even looks good: modern but still functional. Support is responsive and thorough. Point something out to them, and they fix it. The only shortfall is the Apple Watch app. It is poorly implemented and not very user friendly. On the device with the smallest screen space, the app offers no way to winnow down your inbox. It just throws everything at you. You have a "shopping" email that you just use to get usnally unimportant solicitations from online merchants, and another one for potential spammers? Doesnt matter. You have to wade through all of that along with your more important family and work addresses. Disappointing and costs it two stars.

Lots of bugs and really slow

This mail app is only good for casual emailing. Anything more than, it cant handle it. It constantly crashes while open large emails. Takes forever to send large emails. Freezes when loading emails. For work purposes, this is a terrible mail app.

Special App

Edit 6 So far its been smooth Edit 5 (1.6.7) (July 20, 2017) If one reads the reviews people really want this app to succeed and become the product it should be. We keep coming back to download and update reviews for a reason. Whats here is unique and special. Lets see about this update. Edit 4 Last update brought back old problems badly. Edit 3 Last version improved a bunch of stuff. This version just says "bug fix" lets see how it turns out. Airmail email app is my daily driver now that it works. (Was using stock Edit 2 Ill rate 5 stars for now. Lets see if this update squashes bugs. Edit 2.1 -> Smoother sync and emails actually show up in a timely fashion! Edit 1 Ill rate 2 stars for now. The developers still need to fix sync speed, and other small bugs. Email is slow to update. The app needs work, but overall what is here is great. Meanwhile, Ill try one of the other email apps out there which you probably know of. (Spark, outlook, Alto, etc)


Crashes doing the smallest of tasks

Apple gave the wrong award

Update on 8/9 Well, this is my last update. Im moving over to another app. The level of bugs just come to a stage that is unbearable. I started using AirMail desktop app so early on. The iPhone app was fine. Its said to see it comes down so quickly to this level. Ill give you two stars this time , simply thanks to the good old days. Update on 7/21 Downloaded for less than 24 hours and already crashed 4 time, including one losing a long draft. What can I say ... After this many times of trying, I think its not that they dont care, its because they are not capable for doing it well ... Update on 6/16 After apples design reward, I decided to give it another try. I do like its feature set after all. Within two days, I already had several crashes. One of them is after composing a long email, and everything got lost. SAME AS BEFORE. After this long, developers NEVER looked into this crash issue. I just cannot believe how careless they are. Just in case you are wondering how to reproduce these crashes, its easy. Get an iPhone 6/6+, create a long email thread, and it will crash soon. ONE STAR FOR CARELESS DEVELOPERS. Update on 4/13 ---------- After using Spark for weeks, I noticed AirMail got an update. So I decided to give it another chance. First, I have to say the recent release makes this app slightly better -- search is faster, the most recent conversations pop in first (come on! Why originally the oldest emails showed up first?!) Hence one more star. But as to crash, still the same. I have a thread with 70 emails and it crashes every single time. Also, developers, please stop asking me to send you video. I assume you do have crash logs on your server, do you? Finally this release was really badly organized. My app simply couldnt start. I had to delete and redownload. Dont say you are doing maintenance while most likely you messed up your server side. You better catch fast -- once Spark has native gmail label support, Ill drop AirMail in a heartbeat, if it still doesnt improve. Original review -------------- If you have a long thread, it crashes; if you have a bigger attachment, it crashes; if you tap around, it crashes. And these issues have bee there for years! Hello? Any developer here? To AirMail Developers: you are so detached from your users. Just get an iPhone 6/6+, create a thread with a few back and forth replies with attachments, you will see the crash. I see it in daily basis. Also, the search is really really slow, and bad result. Already move to Spark. Way better.


I could not live without Airmail. I use it on the desktop and on my iPhone and iPad and even iWatch. Airmail took email and redefined it, they have actually managed to make email fun again and managing emails a breeze. I truly could not function without it and once you adapt to using it you wont turn back. This is the ultimate desktop and on the go email app. I deal with an average of 300 emails daily. While Im away I can open Airmail in the morning on my iPhone, quickly sweep through messages, do deletions, mark things as important and file things away and when I get home and open Airmail on the desktop, voila it syncs within minutes and is a mirror of what has been done on the iPhone for the past week. Pure Magic. There are problems that crop up when you update the apps and especially on iOS devices you should follow my tips below after every app update. Go to settings of all your gmail accounts > server settings > refresh tokens. Then go to settings on each gmail account and click Reset message cache. Thanks to Airmail support for these suggestions but this should be documented.


Just getting worse and worse with each release. Simple replies are crashing the iOS Springboard.

Better on Desktop

This app is awesome on desktop but the mobile version, while designed and looks the same, does not perform the same. At this point in my life no amount of features is going to beat reliability for me when it comes to email, and the mobile app is unreliable. And its not the recent bugs, its been like this from the start.

Best email client Ive used in a long time

Aside from a few minor snags, which I suspect are more inherent to the horrid state of email, this app does the best Ive seen in a long time. Great customization, especially when working with multiple accounts. Great sync with desktop client. Fast and easy, looks good, all I need. Granted, I mostly use it with Gmail (with googles keyboard shortcuts) and thats a seamless exercise. Plus support is en pointe! Got immediate resolution for my one query to date. Top marks there.

Has really come into its own.

I think with any app as featureful as this one theres going to be some bugginess and I think earlier in Airmails development this was the case. But this app has been rock solid for me for a good while now. I own it on both my Mac and iOS and the iOS is actually my favorite. Airmail makes dealing with my email actually kind of pleasurable. Integrates so well with Fantastical. Couldnt be more pleased. Thanks Airmail Devs!


exelen applikation wery easy clean.......

This app looks good and that is the best you can say about it

Not sure what the team at Apple was smoking but this has to be one of the worst email apps I have tried. It is appaling and doesnt work across devices. Really bad.

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